The 环境 Health Division is the inspectional arm of the Wyandot County Public Health. 通过各种许可证和许可证, the 环境 Health staff monitors operations with public health significance and impact.

Additional activities mandated by regulation or need are also part of this program. All programs are keyed to the prevention of personal injury, 预防不必要的疾病, 以及生活质量的提高.

The following activities and services are provided by the 环境 Health Division. For more information on some of the programs, click on their headlines.


The 环境 Health program consists of a variety of activities, most of which are mandated by 董事会 of Health regulations or State law. 每个项目由几个活动组成. Sanitarians must inspect operations or premises to compare what is found to a standard (the regulation or law) and then evaluate the inspectional findings to determine compliance with the standard. There is also an enforcement provision for those persons or operations that do not meet standards and an educational and informational component to help upgrade licensed operations and to inform the general public.


The food program consists of five inspection activities: Food Service Operations (FSO) (restaurants), 食品零售场所(杂货店), 食品自动售卖机, Mobile Food Services and Temporary Food Operations (festivals). Investigations of all food borne illnesses are completed with recommendations made to affected food operations.


Much of Wyandot County is unsewered so individual home sewage systems are necessary in order for home building to continue. Wyandot County Public Health offers guidance and inspections for home sewage systems.


The mosquito program in Wyandot County consists of two components. 鉴于西尼罗病毒的情况, education of the public is our primary tool to protect the public. Surveillance entails trapping and testing of mosquitoes throughout the county to determine if the virus is present.


作为俄亥俄州环保局批准的健康区, 视察固体废物堆填区, 堆肥设施, 也是传染性废物的制造者.


Every citizen has the right by law to call attention to problems such as rats, 昆虫, 垃圾, 垃圾, 等. that impinge on their health, safety and well-being. These problems are considered in the Recommended Premises Sanitation Regulations of Wyandot County Public Health. Individuals do not have the right to harm neighbors. Complaints are investigated in a timely manner so as to maintain proper community sanitation standards.

滋扰投诉表格可于 在这里下载. 此表格必须打印并填写, including your name and address in order for our department to investigate the situation.


清洁、健康的水是每个人的必需品. Therefore, in areas where there is not a municipal water system, individual wells are necessary. Sanitarians insure that well development meets State Code requirements to reduce the possibilities of ground water contamination. 水车也每年检查一次.


Investigations are conducted of all animal bites reported to our department. Follow up assures that privately owned pets involved in biting incidents are vaccinated against rabies following the quarantine period. 下载 这个小册子 了解更多有关狂犬病的知识.

请报告被动物咬伤 下载并填写表格 并将其归还给怀安多特县公共卫生部门.


Under this heading are the following activities: School Sanitation and Safety, Recreational Vehicle Park Camp and Recreation Area Sanitation and Safety, 以及人造家庭公园安全与卫生. 要求, pre-sale evaluations of individual water and sewage systems are performed for home buyers and mortgage lenders.


蜱虫 are also submitted by our department for identification. 如果发现蜱虫附在人或动物身上, 如果它还活着,立即把它取出来, bring it in a sealed container to the health department so it can be submitted for species identification. Watch the area on the skin where the tick was attached for a rash. 如果出现皮疹, 或者出现发烧等症状, 头痛或肌肉疼痛, 立即去看医生.

For more information on ticks and tick-born diseases, visit the 俄亥俄州卫生部的网站.


环境 hazards in the home harm millions of children each year. The healthy homes program addresses multiple childhood diseases and injuries in and around the home. The Wyandot County 健康的家庭 Program addresses a variety of environmental health and safety concerns including mold, 引领, 过敏原, 一氧化碳, 家安全 , 和氡.


Public swimming pools are licensed and inspected yearly. Licensed pool operators are welcome to call Jeffrey Ritchey, Wyandot County Public Health Director of 环境 Health at 419-294-3852.

更多技术指导,请访问 俄亥俄州卫生部的网站.


The Wyandot County Public Health is responsible for enforcing the Ohio Smoke-free Workspace Law. To make a complaint about a place of employment not abiding by the Ohio smoke-free workspace law, please call the Ohio Department of Health's toll free hotline at 1-866-559-OHIO (6446) or call our office during normal business hours.

Wyandot County Public Health is nationally accredited through the Public Health 认证 董事会 (PHAB). 成立于2007年, PHAB is the non-profit organization that administers the national accreditation program, which aims to advance and transform public health practice by championing performance improvement, 强大的基础设施, 和创新.